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Girl In The Mirror

written by: Janday Lee


Who’s that tearful girl
staring straight at her?
With a pair of puffy eyes
that look oversize
for a petite face
that he once embraced.

“This can’t be…
she’s not me!”
She cries
though she knows the answer deep inside.

She knows, she will surely fall
if she continues to ignore
the pleading girl inside
who has no place to hide.

“I need life anew…
A life without Andrew!”
She tries
to motivate the girl inside.

A life without him
makes her future looks fairly dim.
But she has to move on
’cause he was bygone.

She washes her face,
determines to change her fate.
Getting ready for life’s new race
and the challenges ahead.

With confidence
and new aim,
the girl in the mirror
will never look the same.


Curry Fish Head

Hello Friends!

I’m thrilled to announce that my third book, Curry Fish Head, is published.

If you are wondering why I published 3 books within such a short period of time…well, the first 2 books were written in 2015 (during NaNoWriMo, to be exact) but I took more than a year to publish them. I started writing for my third book last year (yes, during 2016 NaNoWriMo). However, I couldn’t finish writing the book within the month. It took longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances.

Finally, it’s ready to be published. It’s different from the first two books. How different? Well, download it to read and you’ll know. 😉


The Curry Fish Head is available for download at Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, Apple and Barnes & Nobles (soon).

Amazon TOP 100 (Free) Best Sellers

I was exhilarated when I saw my books, The Imperfect Wish – ranked #9 and All About Blue – ranked #20, under Top 100 Amazon Best Sellers in Children’s Fantasy & Supernatural Mystery Books category (as @ 30 May 2017).

I’m really grateful to all my readers for their support. Thank you so much!

The Imperfect Wish is now FREE!

Hello friends!

The Imperfect Wish

Good news! The Imperfect Wish is now free for download. If you haven’t gotten a copy, do so now. 😀

You can download from Amazon, KOBO, Barnes & Noble , Apple and Google Play.

Don’t forget to download the sequel from here. (It’s free too!)


If you are granted a wish, what would you wish for?

Jean was given a magical flower that could make her wish come true – any wish… But nothing in this world is free. For every wish that she was granted, there was a consequence. Would she save her parents who were killed in an accident? What repercussion would it cause to bring the dead back to life?

New eBook Launch

Yippee! I’m so excited to share the good news with you! That is, my new ebook – All about Blue – has been published!


It is available at Kobo, Google Play, Apple iBooks, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Download now for FREE! Don’t forget to read the prequel too. (You can find the link to the prequel here.)

I hope you’ll enjoy the story. I’ll really appreciate if you could kindly leave a positive review. That will be a great encouragement to me. Thank you! 😀